Speak for the Peaks is an art initiative calling for submissions of art that address Snowbowl’s ongoing destruction of a sacred mountain known as the San Francisco Peaks. More importantly, this project seeks to unite and revitalize our collective expressions that hold this mountain and her many relatives as sacred as we collectively remember the mountain as:  

Tsii Bina to Acoma:
Dził Tso to Apache:
Dook’o’oosłííd to Diné:
Nuvaʼtukyaʼov to Hopi:
Huassapatch to Havasupai:
Wik’hanbaja to Hualapai:
ʼAmat ʼIikwe Nyava to Mojave:
Nuvaxatuh to Southern Paiute:
Wi:mun Kwa to Yavapai:
Sunha K’hbchu Yalanne to Zuni.

As a sacred summit, this mountain nourishes the various life ways that are intricate, biotic and a repeating of seasonal ecological breathing that is as patterned and diverse as the more than 200 songs that reside within one ceremony (among various).

The aim is to use expression to educate and move our Indigenous relatives, as well as foster relations through these conversation that center on our collective wellness as they are one and the same with this sacred site.

Additionally, we are aiming to also support struggling Indigenous artists during this pandemic by offering a $900 prize for first place (with a $100 donation to a person/organization of the winners choosing) and several $50 runner up prizes for each phase of this art initiative.


❀Pictured above is the mountain chickadee that resides on the mountain year round.